Broomball pictures

Gothenburg 99ers photo-arcive

On this pages we have gathered some pictures together from the latest Broomball-events with Swedish participation. For you who never have seen or heard about the sport, this pages are a gold-mine
Is there someone who have photos that would fit here, please dont hesitate to mail them over.
Just send them in the GIF or JPEG format, and if they are in good quality we will publish them. You can also send regular papercopies and we will scan them here.
And all other visitors do we just wish welcome in for a visit.

Pictures from Bolzano 1998
Pictures from Sveg 1999
Pictures from Las Vegas 1999
Pictures from Sveg 2000
Pictures from Gothenburg 2000
Pictures from the ladies Cup 2001
Pictures from Gothenburg 2001
Pictures from Minneapolis/Iceland 2001

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