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We like to thank Future sport och STX
for their support in Las Vegas Broomball crap shot tournament.

Team Sweden - The Killerbees in Las Vegas 1999.

Top from left:
Thoran Enar, Mick Sletten, Johan Wikstrom, Ambjorn Harnesk, Lasse Johansson,
Stefan Sjostrom, Ola Hemb, Lasse Westlinder, Johan Naslund
Below from left:
Yvan "Skip" Breton, Bo Johansson, Stefan Svensson, Erik Marhaug, Michael Assarsson,
Jorgen Kjellberg, Jari Kovaniemi

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Las Vegas! A long one. Las Vegas, - a perfect place for broomball.
Ambjorn "Abbe" Harnesk, - a hard shooter. Satisfied players from Götheborg 99ers Broomball Club. The Killerbees outside the Ice Garden arena.
The Killerbees digging for gold in USA. Save and use on your desktop He's got the swing even without his brooballstick.